Patsy was sadly taken from us all on Sunday 27th November 2011 after a sudden short illness.

We would love to here of your favorite memory of Patsy.

If you wish to leave a memory please click on the ‘comment’ link below this post.

To start things off…
This is one of Patsy’s proudest moments, an invite to a shin dig with the Queen

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19 Responses to Memories

  1. Gabrielle Cavill says:

    My favourite memory of you will be your hilarious stage act as “Ginger” in the Fred and Ginger shows. Let the pearly gates open and the show begin! Love Gabrielle x

  2. Maggie Conlon says:

    Patsy – I remember with much amusement the day we had a drink together ( well maybe two or three ) we fell about laughing as we made plans to be the new “Golden Girls “, we knew who we were going to cast as Dorothy ( too butch for us ), we both refused to be Rose ( too dippy for us) but now Blanche ( the sex crazed glamour puss ) we were going to sumo wrestle each other for the part.
    Patsy you always were and always will be a ” Golden Girl “. Love Maggie XX

  3. marina weighman (a Bedgrove mum) says:

    My memories of Pat are of her proudly standing at the school gates for her grandchildren, in every weather going, always with a smile and other children running up to her shouting NANNA PAT. She was an amazing women, a star. You have earned your wings Pat.

  4. Melodie Pedley says:

    Patsi. When Barbara and i came to work with you, you never failed to supply endless support, share endless knowledge and most of all provide a wonderful sense of humour that kept us all laughing. Years of memories cannot be condensed into one paragraph but they will never be forgotten. Especially, how could i ever forget the hilarious drawings you did to go with my presentation at our leaving party, you really supplied the finishing touches to the entertainment and complete a lovely evening! There are some people that you always know you are lucky to have met in your life and you were truly one of them.

  5. peter murchie says:

    I would like to say how sorry I am to here of patsy leaving us.We use to have many
    a chat about lifes problems but always end up having a good laugh.I know she had
    alot of problems at “Whitsend”.so I hope shes looking down on us and having a good
    laugh.We will miss you.
    Peter and Chris 25 Cleveland Road.

  6. Alastair says:

    Dear Patsy

    How sad it is that you are no longer with us. You were given a fantistic send off from Alan, Andy, Helen and Dave who couldnt have put the real you into words & images better than they did. There are so very many people saddened by your premature departure and you will always be remembered for your enthusiasm for life, family and friends.

  7. Ann Bishop says:

    My strongest memory of Patsy is when we talked her into singing at Eagles Road slimming club, she sang Memories from Cats and that is what everyone who knew her will have, wonderful memories of a great lady.

  8. Bob & Pat (Sarah) says:

    All our memories of Patsy are happy ones and in particular the way she was always smiling with that wonderful sunshine face. We also have very fond memories of Patsy performing on stage where she was a born star. I was fortunate to have bumped into Pat and Alan in Jansell Square shortly before she died because on that day no one could have guest she had a problem in the world. She was her usual ebullient self and of course smiling. That is my last memory of Patsy and for that I am most grateful.She will long be remembered.

  9. Clare and Family, Farnley Road says:

    Pat, you were an amazing lady!!! Always seemed to have a smile on your face, certainly put a lot of smiles on plenty of other faces! I smile when I remember our visits (too few of them, alas) to “Ghostbusters” as you called it….. I hope all the wonderful messages on here will bring some comfort to Alan and the rest of your family and friends. Greatly loved, greatly missed….. God Bless Pat. xxXxx

  10. Alan says:

    I have, as you can imagine after spending forty one + years with Pat, a truly remarkable lady, there are hundreds of unforgettable moments we had together, I will over time post some of those moments. I will start with one that happened early in our life together. As you may know Pat was always ready for a laugh, or play a practical prank.
    I was walking home from Pat’s house, (04:30hrs) rather late at night, or early morning, whichever way you like to look at it. I was along Dunham Lane, when a car pulled up and two men jumped out. “Where are you going?” was the question. “What has it got to do with you?” was the reply. “Police Officers” as they flashed their I.D’s. “What’s this about?” I asked. “A stolen car” they came back with. “Oh yes it’s in my inside pocket” I replied. Again they asked where had I been been, and where I was going to. I told them , and 5 minutes later I was in the Police station being questioned further. They tried phoning Pat, no answer several times they tried, no answer. At around 06:00 they came back into the interview room and said ”it seems you are telling the truth and we will take you home” When we got into the car they decided to take a detour to Pat’s house. They knocked on the door and Pat opened her bedroom window. One of the officers asked “do you know this man? NO” came the reply, I was gobsmacked. Then Pat’s beautiful smile came on her face, and even the Police Officers had a laugh. They then took me home.
    This was a moment that showed Pat’s sense of humour. More to follow.

  11. Helen (the daughter in law) says:

    I have so many memories I could not possibly single out a favourite. However I will share my first ‘Patsy’ experience, as it was at this time I knew I wanted to be Patsy’s friend.

    Patsy and I met at the Addiction Counselling Trust. I started working there part time as an administrator and Patsy was a counsellor. I had only been working for ACT for a couple of weeks and had met Patsy a couple of times, I found her to be infectious and someone I wanted to get to know. However I wasn’t expecting to build any lasting bonds with the staff as I assumed that my like for the odd tipple would be frowned upon, and therefore nights out and Christmas parties would be a little ‘boring’.

    A couple of weeks into my new job, I was invited to a birthday party. Richard Clarke, a friend of my brother was turning 30. His folks Carol and Roy were hosting the party at their home in Aylesbury. My brother is not shy of a drink or two neither is Richard and their large crowd of friends, attending the party. I was really looking forward to the night, a few drinks, some good laughs…… my favourite cocktail for a great night out.

    My friend Jo and I staggered to the front door having had a couple of ice breakers beforehand. We rang the door bell and after a second ring the door opened….I couldn’t believe my eyes…. guess who answered the door….yep Patsy with a large brandy and coke (I think) in her hand…. What a relief, alcohol counsellors do drink! Patsy was quick to tell me that she was doing some market research for her job! The party was brilliant and we both got drunk! The first of many… now I know how foolish I was, having been Patsy’s drinking partner for the past 10 years! Patsy knew how to pour the perfect scotch and coke!

    That was the beginning of an awesome friendship. Patsy introduced me to her son some months later, and now we have 3 children (Cameron 7, Finley 5 and Madeleine 4 months), with many adventures notched up since then including many holidays (3 to Australia), Christmas’s, brilliant New Years Eve parties and looking after our children full time for 7 years and plus much more.

  12. Penny, Jimmy and kids says:

    To our dearest Pat,

    I would like to say, that you always there for us, for those chats on the phone over the fence… Whilst spraying jimmy with the hose and the micky taking over his DIY skills.. Not… And especially when you help saved Lily that time and when we where in great difficulty at Xmas, I will never forget. The last cuddle I had with you I will never ever forget, I am so sorry that the angels have taken you already. I will still look through the fence in the garden, missing you pottering around placing your flowers and having a laugh with the children. Rest in Peace my good friend and a very excellent neighbour xx
    Lots of love from Penny,Jimmy and kids xxx p/s I make sure Alan looks after your roses x

  13. Carol Clark says:

    Dearest Patsy, I am the Carol mentioned by Helen. Over the years we had some good parties. Unfortunately our last big one for our golden wedding you were invited but couldn’t come due to ill health. You sent me a most beautiful card which I will treasure for ever. I will always remember you dancing with young Big Malcolm and giving him a snog, we laughed so much. Little Joanie was there. The last time Roy and I saw you was in Tescos and we laughed and were talking about our lovely grandchild who we looked after whilst their mums worked.

    My only regret is I missed your last exit but I heard it went off so well. We raised a glass at 1.30 to our dear friend Patsy. You were and are stilla Star.

    Love Carol and Roy Clark xxxxxxxxxxxx. .


  14. Diane says:


    US!!!!! Walking!!! wanting to get stick thin!!!!! all our plans to do that!!! the trip down the allotments!! Dead End!!! was so so funny! we had to walk all the way back round, we were knackered!! HIM you now who i mean, waste of space you would say,

    Thank you Pat for you support darling xxxxxxx

  15. Sue McCann says:

    Like everyone, I have so many memories of Patsi – her beautiful smile, wicked sense of humour and such a lust for life. I worked with Patsi for many years at ACT where she was a counsellor and I was the administrator. I can’t remember what year it was but there was a full eclipse of the sun and she came up to the ACT office on that day with her grandaughter (a baby at the time). She knew I was working alone that day and we watched the eclipse together saying that we would always remember it. Another time there was an ACT function at the Judges Lodgings in Aylesbury – very posh! Frankie Vaughan was a special guest and his back was aching through standing for a while – Patsi ended up rubbing his back and getting him tea!!

    Patsi was instrumental in shaping my life with her kindness and words of wisdom and I feel truly priviledged to have been part of hers. Love you Patsi. I will miss you forever.

    Sue (‘The other one’) xx

  16. Courts (first grandchild!) says:

    Although this isn’t a memory as such…….
    I had a dream a couple of nights ago about my lovely Nan, it was so vivid; I thought it would be nice to share with everyone……

    Me and Nan were sitting in a department lounge at an airport. It was very early in the morning and was just about to start to get light outside. It was dimly light and quiet, and there were only a few other people around.
    Nan looked beautiful; she had her make up on like always and was wearing a black top with her jewellery that she always wore. She was quiet but content and looked very happy. Other than a hospital tag that she was wearing on her wrist and the tape left from a drip you really wouldn’t know that she was ever the slightest bit ill.
    We hardly talked, but her flight was called and we walked through to the gate. We stood for a moment, and i could see through some double doors that there were some steps that led out to the tarmac and then up to the plane. It was now a glorious sunny day outside. She gave me a hug and said goodbye and I knew she was going away forever. She did not cry, she smiled again and said that she would always be near. She let go of my hand, took her (clearly very full!) suitcase but picked it up with ease. She walked out to the plane, and turned to wave. She was on her way to Oz…….!

    She spoke to me whilst having her treatment about all of the things that she wanted to do this year after Christmas and that she just wanted to go out to ‘Oz’ one more time. She was never sad, and always talked about going to australia, and taking us all out to go to the beach and see how amazing it is there.
    Although she didn’t get another chance to take us all on an Aussie road trip, now she can go whenever she wants and have a damn good time… that suitcase was definately full of her party gear, and I suspect a good few bottles of her favourtite tipple :-)

    Love you Nan xxxx

  17. Nicole Russell says:

    Patsi and I first met when we didn’t have many clothes on. We bounced about in Cannons aqua class on Wednesdays mornings soon realising we had the same saucy humour. We enjoyed scaring cocky men out of the steam room and generally behaving badly. I think this was something to do with both being born on the same day.

    Last Christmas we went for a drink at the Five Bells noticing that our conversation was being listened to by a couple of odd balls. Well, that was a red rag to a bull to spice things up! By the time we finished chatting our new audience thought we were a couple of SAS trained, undercover MI5 lesbian agents that in their spare time indulged in a shoplifting racket. We did get a few strange looks as we headed for the door but also some admiring glances.

    We loved going ‘ghostbusting’ at the local spiritualist church. We gave the mediums marks out of 10. One hottie medium (Julian, 35 yr ) would illicit a “Ding Dong” from me and a “Cor” from Pats when he walked up to the podium. This loosened the congregation up and the spirits flowed; ironic considering Pats’ love of Bells.

    Patsi was always a tremendously supportive friend and I had great admiration for her work as a counsellor. She loved her family “to bits” and was so proud of them all. She loved showing photos of the beautiful Courtney’s modelling assignments; was v. chuffed at Ahren passing his driving test and had me in stitches with her mad antics with Cameron, Fin, Nick and Maddie. I know she was very proud too of Andy and Dave. She talked of many happy family occasions with Helen and Sarah and Alan who was her rock.

    I look forward to floating on a pink cloud with you Pats in the future; you with a glass of Famous Grouse and me with a large white wine..and a packet of salt and vinegar crisps….we were always classy birds xxx

  18. Adele Howlett says:

    Dearest Patsy,
    I am so glad that you came into my life, my memories are always of your vibrant smile and your kind gentle nature. You are the only person that I ever met that truly brightened the room when you walked in and you ALWAYS made me feel happy. You always had such a positive outlook in life even when things were tough and I know that you will never be forgotton. Whenever I think of you I see bright beautiful colours, gorgeous lipstick and that wonderful smile. We will meet again, love to you my lovely lady all my love Adele xxxxx

  19. Peter C Annetts says:

    In memory of my dear cousin Patsy
    It seems an age since you left us on 27th nov. 2011. My apologies for the long delay in expressing my thoughts. I’m currently in Bangkok, along with daughter Sophie, visiting my son, Nick, wife Lin and about to celebrate Delilah’s 3rd birthday,and have time to collect my thoughts.
    It was so good to meet up with Patsy and Alan in Tesco’s Tring Road, car park. like every one I was shocked when Patsy told me about the sad news re her brain tumour, but as ever Patsy said she was going to be brave and Iive life to the full with what ever timeshe had left – sadly that was not to be long. I’m so glad we gave each other a big hug and a kiss, in retrospect a lovely farewell.
    Patsy and I were never particularly close, but over the years we bumped into each other, and caught up with family news. Perhaps the strangest place we used to meet was Aylesbury prison – no we were just visitors, both of us doing voluntary work with vulnerable prisoners
    I’m so glad I was able to attend Patsy’s funeral, what a moving and wonderful send off, and also to meet Alan and family at Aylesbury Choral Societies Christmas Concert dedicated to Patsy – wonderful tributes to a great and vibrant lady.
    Rest in peace Patsy
    Cousin Peter

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